REIT Talks is new Building Fortunes Radio Show with Ed Robinson on Real Estate Investor Training

REIT Talks is new Building Fortunes Radio Show with Ed Robinson on Real Estate Investor Training.

Real Estate Investor Training on REIT Talks on Building Fortunes Radio with Ed Robinson is a new Building Fortunes Radio show every day at 6:00 PM Eastern.

You can listen in live or call in on (929) 477-1195 at 6:00 PM Eastern

You can hear one of our recent REIT Talks Radio shows on:

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If you are someone that would be interested in being interviewed for A REIT Talks show, or you are interested in becoming a real estate investor, please let Ed Robinson know. If you have interest in learning more about real estate investment training, mortgage applications and competitive financing, strategic investment planning for buying,selling or renting apartments, or many of the other areas of real estate investing in Florida or throughout the United States, please call me.

As Ed Robinson searched for new, creative marketing opportunities, he is thrilled you found this posting. As an ambitious professional with twenty + years’ experience, I believe that he would make an excellent Collaborator with your team.

Additionally, Ed rings additional marketing opportunities to your organization which offer branding and expansion to increase your market penetration through various media programs. However, I am a believer in proving the model before jumping in with both feet. Allow me to elaborate:

Ed writes: My name is Ed Robinson, I am a Real Estate Investor, Mentor and Developer. Additionally, I spent 23 years as a Clinical Psychologist allowing me a more rounded perspective in my approach.

I have a Radio Show exploring different business opportunities available to potential Entrepreneurs and Fledgling Business Owners, a network of Classified Websites enhancing recruiting and enabling product advertising. I author a weekly Blog which is posted to various websites and offers reciprocal back linking and interesting content to attract new site visitors.

This introductory letter offers you the chance to collaborate with a non-competitor and share the wealth, so to speak. If you’re interested, please reply to this email and I will contact you to discuss possibilities.


Ed Robinson, PhD

Debbie Peoples-Robinson


The FBI is looking for your help on BitConnect scam investigation

The FBI is looking for your help on BitConnect scam investigation

I usually don’t send out this kind of information.
But the FBI is trying to find victims who lost money in a Multi-Billion Dollar scam, called BitConnect.   

The FBI is looking for you… or someone you may know, who lost money in this cryptocurrency-lending-platform BitConnect. I know some of our customers lost thousands of dollars (some much more), and the promoters of this scam are still out there.
Please give the FBI the tips and the information they need to put these people in jail. is the link to give out and use for more information.

(Just a note: The actual FBI link is very long, so I used a url shortener I own called to make a short url you can use on your social media sites.)

The scammers in the cryptocurrency markets have stolen from you one way or another whether you realize it or not.  Even if you did not get involved, they provided false hope and lost opportunities to the people that COULD HAVE been helped by working with YOU.

We are on a mission to clean up the industry … you can hear that on Building Fortunes Radio shows.  I even did a quick show on the explanations of ponzi and pyramid schemes. or

If you are interested in helping, join me on our Building Fortunes webinars.
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Building Fortunes radio Shows by Peter Mingils and guest hosts Jim Turner from Citizens for Health every Friday at noon Eastern

Building Fortunes radio Shows by Peter Mingils and guest hosts Jim Turner from Citizens for Health every Friday at noon Eastern

Peter Mingils Hosts a Blog Talk Radio Platform spot on Building Fortunes Radio with Jim Turner.

Peter Mingils Hosts a Blog Talk Radio Platform spot on Building Fortunes Radio with Jim Turner.

Network Marketing Leads and MLM Leads Generation Training Peter Mingils

Peter Mingils hosts the Building Fortunes Radio show.
In the MLM, Network Marketing, or Home Based Business Industry? is the best MLM Lead Generation Company Network Marketing professionals shows  

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Best mlm lead generation and how to avoid MLM Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Scams.

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Youmongus Blogs are available for PM Marketing-Network Leads Phase3 MLM Network Marketing users as per Peter Mingils.

Youmongus Blogs are available for PM Marketing-Network Leads Phase3 MLM Network Marketing users as per Peter Mingils.

If you are in network marketing, you can use Youmongus Blogs to help build your business or sell your products. Peter Mingils explains this on the Network Leads webinars inside the Lead Management System.


Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils and new Guests Amber Black and George Vincent for MLM and Network Marketing Industry

Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils and new Guests for MLM and Network Marketing Industry.

we are always adding new guest hosts and show hosts.

Recent additions are Amber Black

George Vincent is also a new Co-Host:


George Vincent recently interviewed Dr. Ruben West.

You can find their Building Fortunes Radio Shows on

Of curse, there is always more on

MLM News celebrates Network Marketing with Peter Mingils and Network Leads

Peter Mingils created PM Marketing in 1998 and ever since then has been helping people in the MLM and the Network Marketing Industry. Whether it’s MLM Leads for the Network Marketing industry  through

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Home Business Training Course with Peter Mingils

Home Business Training Course with Peter Mingils.

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Building Fortunes Radio introduces Citizens for Health

Building Fortunes Radio is part of the PM Marketing umbrella.

PM Marketing is owned by Peter Mingils.
Peter Mingils also owns NetworkLeads,  Youmongus Blog and the Youmongus  Ad Network among several other products.

Building Fortunes Radio has a special segment with Citizens for Health promoter Jim Turner.  Jim Turner has a diverse background and his story is worth hearing.

You can listen in on Building Fortunes Radio and check out the site   The topics at this time that are being addressed are about vaccines. Several states are trying to pass laws that take away a parents’ right to decide whether their children can be vaccinated or not.  Check it out.